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Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

cocaine addiction symptoms

Cocaine addiction symptoms can be difficult to watch if you are the family member or even a friend to someone who has a cocaine addiction.  When a person has developed a cocaine addiction, their symptoms can consist of mood swings, insomnia, weight loss, lack of appetite or sex drive, restlessness, paranoia, cravings and violence.

Other Symptoms

Other symptoms include failure to go to work, and spending less time with friends and family, stealing from family members or friends or even selling their favorite possessions.

Highly addictive and controlling, cocaine has become one of the most deadly drug diseases that our nation is facing today.  Cocaine is very similar to any other addiction, because the pathways in the brain that control reward and mood are affected.

Cocaine provides the user with an instant high by affecting dopamine to give a sense of pleasure and excitement each time it’s taken.  When the effect wears off, the user will feel depressed and want another fix.  In a matter of seconds, a person who uses cocaine can become more alert, confident and more talkative, and might be considered a totally different person.

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