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Cocaine Effects

Cocaine is a strong and addictive drug, because of the cocaine effects people enjoy and want Cocaine Effectsto repeat. There are three common ways to use cocaine: injecting, snorting, and smoking. When snorting cocaine the user will sniff the cocaine powder up his or her nose, and then it is absorbed into their bloodstream. The next way is for the user to inject cocaine directly into the bloodstream with a needle. The next method is when the user inhales the smoke or vapor into his or her lungs, and it will be absorbed into the bloodstream almost as fast as when they inject it.

Three Ways Of Cocaine Abuse

These three ways of cocaine abuse will lead the user to addiction and other health problems such as risk of getting AIDS and also many other infectious diseases. The duration and intensity of the cocaine’s effects will include, mental alertness, reduced fatigue, and increased energy, and these will depend on the way the drug was administered. The quicker the cocaine gets into your bloodstream and into the brain, the high will be much more intense. Smoking or injecting cocaine will produce a stronger and faster high than if it is snorted, however, faster absorption will mean a shorter duration of action. The high a person may get from snorting cocaine usually last fifteen to thirty minutes, but when the cocaine is smoked, the high he or she will get may last just five to ten minutes.

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Cocaine abuse can have many adverse effects on someone’s body such as: dilated pupils, constricted blood vessels, increased heart rate, and high blood pressure. Anyone involved with cocaine abuse will realize that they cannot quit on their own.  The powerful withdrawal symptoms will cause them to continue use until their health and family life are destroyed.  Professional treatment will help an addict overcome this addiction and enjoy a lifetime free from drugs.

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