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Cocaine Rehabilitation

Cocaine RehabilitationCocaine rehabilitation may be necessary to stop a cocaine addiction. When doing cocaine the effects are seen very suddenly, and disappear quickly depending on the amount taken. The drug usually makes the person feel energetic, extremely alert, talkative, and it can also decrease the need for food and sleep while the user is on the drug. The period of time a user is on cocaine depends on whether the drug is snorted or smoked. Normally, snorting may last for fifteen to thirty minutes, while smoking can only last up to five to ten minutes.

Rehabilitation for Addiction

Cocaine, also called blow, coke, snow, Aunt Nora, C dust, Birdie Powder or Stardust, is a powerfully addictive drug. People who have tried cocaine may have a difficult time controlling the usage of the drug. The use of cocaine in a binge manner typically leads to restlessness, paranoia, and increased irritability. Resulting in sometimes paranoid psychosis, where the person loses touch with actual reality and will sometimes experience hallucinations. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction early can help with a quicker recovery.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

There are many physical consequences of using cocaine in high dosages. Cardiovascular effects include disturbances in heart rhythm or even heart attacks. Respiratory effects include chest pain and respiratory failure. Neurological effects are strokes, seizures and headaches. Gastrointestinal complications include abdominal pain and nausea. Withdrawal symptoms from cocaine can vary from minor to very serious. Some of the symptoms include tiredness, restlessness, depression, easily agitated, sleeplessness, vivid nightmares, cravings and suicidal thoughts. The symptoms and side-effects of ceasing cocaine can last for months, and craving the drug and being in a depressive mood will last for longer than months sometimes, depending on the users past experiences and usage. Many times cocaine users will go to other substances after they break addiction such as prescription drugs or alcohol to keep them from wanting cocaine.

Cocaine rehabilitation, in a facility qualified to handle the withdrawal symptoms and other related physical or mental issues, is the best option for this type of addiction. For more information, call Best Drug Rehabilitation toll-free.

At Best Drug Rehabilitation, we have sought to bring together many different trained, licensed professionals or certified recovering members of many different modalities that have a background in the addictions field.

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